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Trust Master Marine

Great boats are designed to accomplish specific goals and built to meet exacting safety and performance criteria. At Master Marine, we design and build boats with a simple philosophy that form always follows function. Our commitment is to provide the performance, economy of operation, safety and security that our customers expect. We build graceful boats with traditional lines ... and we build them to last! The boats we offer today are the culmination of more than thirty years of following this philosophy of boat building. Our success is evident in the number of people who recognize quality and value and therefore choose our products.

We are proud to have received the ultimate vote of confidence-a long list of very satisfied owners.

From the beginning, designed to fish

In 1980 a new boat company was born under the banner of Master Marine in response to a challenge. New England fishermen needed a specialized craft to pursue giant bluefin tuna. The design criteria were curious: able to subdue 1,000 pound fish, manageable by a two-man crew, narrow-beam for trailering, seaworthy, stable, and tough as nails! Henry Masters designed a classic center console. Longer, at 28 feet, than any before it. It featured a radically sharp entry to enhance tough water handling, making it one of the earliest true deep-V fishing boats ever built. Masters added wide chines with a reverse edge to provide stability while trolling and at anchor to offset a narrow beam. Construction was 100% hand-laid fiberglass which made for a strong, tough boat. The boat was ahead of its time in design, appearance and performance. Fleets of them prowled the tuna grounds during the commercial season and encouraged a new following. New England's serious fishermen liked the lines, accommodating ride, trailer ability and durability of Master's big center console. Before long, they were placing orders, too. The original 28-foot center console has withstood the test of time and is still on the water today! It forged the way for all the fine fishing boats manufactured by the company Master Marine.

Master Marine boats are

    designed for serious fishermen

    built tough to be fished hard and last for decades

    powered for solid performance with maximum economy

    constructed from the bottom up to provide uncompromising safety

    and priced to provide a level of value that is hard to find in today's world of

          over-hyped, over-priced fiberglass boats

That is why we say with confidence - you can trust Master Marine!

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